Special Events

The GTCQ give you the opportunity to take part in a 6h endurance race split into 3x 2h races

  • Date: June 13th starting a 17h30
  • Track: Mount Panorama
  • Car: Gr.3 free choice
  • Tire wear: x4
  • Consumption: x3
  • Fuel: 100%
  • Tires: Race type (of your choice)
  • Shortcut penalty disabled (the rest of the settings are the same as Division 2, see “Rules” section for details)
  • 3 drivers per team
  • Teams have to assign a driver per race when submitting their registration
  • Only one Division 1 driver allowed per team

No delay will be allowed, if the drivers are not on the track on time, they will miss the race and penalize their team.

Here’s the points table for each race


Course of the event

  • Race #1: Lobby opening at 17h15
    • 1-lap Super qualification start a 17h30
    • Conditions: 16h30 Sunshine
    • Duration 2h
  • Race #2: Lobby opening at 19h45
    • Start of the race at 20h00
    • Starting grid follow the order of the end of race #1
    • Conditions: 17h00 Sunshine
    • Duration: 2h
  • Race #3: Lobby opening at 22h00
    • Start of the race at 22h15
    • Stating grid follow the order of the end of race #2
    • Conditions: 18h15 Sunshine
    • Duration: 2h

No delay will be allowed. If a driver from your team is not on the track on time, he will penalize his team by missing the race.

All team members needs to have the same liveries on their cars, even if it’s not the same model. It will be easier to follow each team and have continuity between races.

The team with the most points at the end of the 3 races will be the winner


Probe GT32
Fast and Furious28
Innovatech Racing28
High Voltage Racing27
AMB Autosport24
Xtrem Racing Team23
JED Autosports23
SDM Racing22
C-19 Enduro22
Les Diffuseurs GTCQ TV20
Team KBY Racing19
Xtrem Racing Team Tech18
Team IGA6

Drivers list

#TeamPSN IDRace
SDM RacingTRX_Sly-QC1
Innovatech Racingmontreal_racing1
High Voltage Racingluc-771
Fast and FuriousMr_Rawgee1
Les Diffuseurs GTCQ TVT-GTCQ_BigBen1
JED AutosportsZRT_ericlaro1
Xtrem Racing Team TechTX3_wesson1
Xtrem Racing TeamExtremgto691
AMB AutosportTRX_DH-Man1
Probe GTra20ng0er91
Team KBY RacingZRT_knightvaga1
C-19 EnduroTRX_Super-Snake1
Team IGAJohnlaugh1
#TeamPSN IDRace
SDM Racingfiftyfour442
Innovatech Racingraceman242
High Voltage RacingGuillaume12042
Fast and FuriousT-GTCQ_VALIK2
Les Diffuseurs GTCQ TVchill-audette2
JED AutosportsDaveHabs242
Xtrem Racing Team Techxmaximex832
Xtrem Racing TeamMitchkk2
AMB AutosportTRX_BeniBou2
Probe GTJoce-tnt2
Team KBY Racingjeremian292
C-19 EnduroT-GTCQ_Guy2
Team IGATRX_Slingshot672
#TeamPSN IDRace
Innovatech RacingT-GTCQ_JOHN3
High Voltage RacingTX3_MAVERIKE3
Fast and Furiousmt626v63
Les Diffuseurs GTCQ TVZRT_ReaperQC3
Xtrem Racing Team Techxtrem1413
Xtrem Racing TeamT-GTCQ_tremblay3
AMB AutosportT-GTCQ_AlexMart3
Probe GTfabinos3
Team KBY RacingAKA-UNIKYAN-813
C-19 EnduroTRX_Gougou3
Team IGAle_drumer3