Rules NASCAR Championship Quebec

Operation of the championship

1. Drivers must have 18+ years old and must use a steering wheel. Drivers from GTCQ have priority. For other drivers, you must participate in 2 exhibition race before entering the championship.
2. When you submit your registration , you must give your name, your PSN ID, and your Youtube channel name. Please contact one member of the comitee to register.
3. The same thing as GTCQ, the fairplay and the respect on the track and in voice chat is a must.
4. If a driver disconnect during qualification, he can come back but will be put at the back of the starting grid. If a driver disconnect during the race, NO RESTART ALLOWED, it will count as a mechanical failure.
5. Due to the way the game works, you must have a Youtube channel to save the replay of your race. If you’re victim of an incident, comitee members will be able to use the replay to out sanction to other drivers. It can be points on the leaderboard or missing the next qualifying session. That way, we’re also able to have a lot of footage to make little clips for future broadcast. If you need help creating your youtube channel, you can ask one member of the comitee. If there’s room, drivers are invited to be all in the same voice chat during the race to “spot” themselves when overtaking.
6. No settings allowed except the adjustements available at the pit entry lane (tire pressure, wedge, tape) No assist allowed. Gameplay set to expert. Race are at 50% and tire wear at 3x. Qualifying is done through a 2% race before the main race to decide the starting positions. Yellow flags are set to soft.
7. You must create custom liveries, you can put whatever sponsors on it.
Éric CharetCM_Frogman
Normand Thibaultraceman24
Nicolas BoutinCM_MtlRacing


TIGHT = front tires have a tendency to slip when entering a corner. More or less fast, but easier to control. (UNDERSTEER)

LOOSE = rear tires have a tendency to slip when entering a corner. A little faster, tire wear faster, and harder to control. (OVERSTEER)

A NASCAR car will change behaviour during the race, it will become “loose”. So it’s better to set it a little tighter at the beginning, to help you later during the race. A “loose” car will be hard to control when going of the track, it will slip and wear out the tires.

Racing in pack
When you are in the top lane, DO NOT GO DOWN, keep your lane. It’s very important when leaders come at you. Going to the bottom lane, other drivers are coming fast. You are better putting yourself behind them and follow to give yourself a chance to come back.

Pit exit lane
A short video will be made for each track to show you how to exit the pits. Penalty wil be given to drivers who do not follow the instructions.