How the championship works?

1.1 The seasons in the championship are 8 weeks long and the the races are happening every two weeks on Friday for the divisions and on Saturday for the Academy. For the summer (May-August), the Academy will race each week.
1.2 The pilots who want to participate in the Academy will need to register at each event wih the form on the “GTCQ Academy” tab
1.3 The types of car used are mainly group 2 (Gr.2), group 3 (Gr.3) and group 4 (Gr.4)
1.4 The pilots will have to use the cars that are listed in each race description
1.5 The races are in a format of approximately 2x 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the divisions . In division 1, a ‘’Formula 1’’ style qualification in 3 waves is held before the first race (Q1: 10min, Q2: 10min, Q3: one lap). In division 2,3 and 4,  a 15 min qualification is held before the first race. For the second race, a one lap qualification takes place. There is a 10min pause between the two races.
1.6 The pilots need to be at least 18 years old to participate in the GTCQ
1.7 The points are given following this table: (except GTCQ Academy, since there’s no ranking)
  Take note that a bonus point is given for every pole position
1.8 A “mulligan” is applied to the scores at the end of the season. Only the 7 best results out of 8 races count.
1.9 A driver cannot change from a division to another if he participated in 3 races in the same division
1.10 In case of missing driver: no points are given to the substitute. If threre’s less than 12 driver on the track, substitute drivers can be inserted until the grid as 12 pilots. If 12 drivers or more are there, no substitute driver are allowed.


Game problems

2.1 If a pilot can’t finish a race because of a connection problem of a problem with his console, he’s not gonna have points
2.2 If a problem happen at the start of the race, the grid is gonna be replaced manually by the host and the race is gonna be restarted
2.3 Problems that are happening at the beginning of the race have to be reported before the end of the first lap, if not, the race will continue normally.
2.4 No other reason than a lost connection at the start of the race will authorize a restart. (Ex: car crash or false start are not valid)


Pilots behaviour and penalties

3.1 As always, GTCQ is asking every pilots to have oustanding fairplay, clean races, legal overtakes and mutual respect is the most important thing no matter the incidents that can happen during races. No aggressive of irrespectful behaviour is gonna be tolerated on or outside the track to the organisation or any other pilot, otherwise, the pilot is gonna be excluded from the championship. You can reach the organisation by using the revision request and fill out the appropriate field for any complaint about a pilot behaviour.

The championship being more popular and competitive, a penalty system has been put in place for action being judged illegal during races. These penalties are gonna be given after complaint from other pilots. So, if you think being victim of an illegal move on the track, and it hasn’t already been under revision by the race officials, fill up a request under the “Revision request” section under the “Rules” tab and a detailed report of the incident. So dont forget to save the replays, to guide us to the precise time of the incident, turn number and the pilot(s) involved. You have 2 hours after the end of the race to fill out the form, if required.


A card system is now in place, they count through all the season
3 green = 1 yellow
4 yellow
= 1 red
2 red
= exclusion for the next race

Here’s a list of all bad behaviours and their severity:

SEVERE = 24pts

– Missing your braking point and hit 1 or many cars (anticipate your braking point, it’s different when racing in thight formation)
– Bold overtake by the inside leading in a crash that send other drivers out of the track, (Dive Bomb)
– Small bumps are part of the race and are allowed, but, if the pilot in front of you has perfect control of his car and you hit it and he looses control, you have to wai for him to take his place back in front of you. Overtake in such situation is prohibited.
– If you hit one or many cars and you are responsible for the crash, (Major Accident), you have to wait for all drivers to go back on the track in front of you. If not, it’s considered a major offense by the GTCQ, it’s the base of a good fairplay to wait other drivers after a crash.
– All revenge or violent behaviour on and off the track are prohibited and can lead to an exclulsion from the GTCQ.

MEDIUM = 6pts

– Cut the pit lane, either in or out
– Bold overtake by the inside leading in a crash that don’t send other drivers out of the track, (Dive Bomb)
– Causing a crash during a lane change
– Hit the driver in front of you but didn’t send to other driver out of the track
– Causing a hit when reinserting the racing lane
– Overtake between the pit lanes are prohibited.

MINOR = 2pts

– Changing racing lanes multiple times(zigzag)
– changing for the wrong type of tires (1 green per lap). You have to pass again to the pits to change for the proper tires. The race start with racing medium tires and at the pits stops, only racing hard tires are allowed
– If you get out of the track after losing control of the car, you cannot hit anyone. If you cause an accident when returning on the track, you will start the race a the end of the grid
– Getting rid of your penalty at the wrong place on the track

3.4 -At the beginning of this season, special zones are gonna be designated to get rid of shorcut penalties. You nust get rid of the penalty on the same lap that you received it, like in FIA race in Sport Mode. For more detail, check out the video about it on our website. Here is the procedure to get rid of your penalty:
1. Activate your hazard signal to show other driver that you are gonna get rid of your penalty.
2. Get out of the racing lane and start decelerating.
3. Get rid of your penalty entirely.
4. Accelerate back to a decent speed begin to reinsert into the racing lane.
5. Turn off your hazard signal and continue the race.
– Any dangerous moves during this maneuver that lead to a contact is gonna be penalized.
– Getting rid of your penalty outside the designated zone is prohibited, a worst penalty is gonna be given to the pilots that do not follow the rule. If you have a penalty, you have to continue to a normal pace until you reach the zone.
– TAKE NOTE, on some circuit, penalty are gonna go out by themselves when braking without voluntarely slowing the pace before the zone, like on Red Bull Ring. If so, you can continue your race normally.
3.5 In case of surrender, pilots must go to the pits and stay there until the end of the race. If the pilot leaves the room before the end of the race, he is not gonna have points.
3.6 No handbrake maneuver at the end of qualification and race will be tolerated. It’s to avoid any issues with yellow flags
3.7 Any change of your pilot number or your PSN ID need to be said to a division’s captain or the Academy officials




Donation’s terms

It’s now possible to support the GTCQ financially to cover the fees for running the website, streams, etc. Link
Here are the details:

Personnal donations: shout out and thanks during live streams

Bronze: 50$ (teams/business): logos on poster and on the banner during live streams.

Silver: 100$ (teams/business): logos on poster, advertising during live streams (advertiser’s video) and on the GTCQ website.

Or: 200$ (Streamer’s special): same thing as 100$ + live streaming of a whole season of your another championship

Diamond: 500$ official sponsor of GTCQ and the name of the company as a division name (including every other packages)

Valid 1 full year from the date of the donation

4.3 To be respectful of our sponsors, no explicit stickers (drug, tobacco, alcool, sex) are allowed on cars and uniform. No stickers on the side of tires are allowed.


Special Events

5.1 During a season, some special events can happens,the details for those events will be put on the “Events” section of the site and on the Facebook group.
5.2 The registering for these event will be done in the “Register” section under the “Events” tab.
5.2 The qualifications for these events will be made according to the details given at the announcement.


Championship race settings

*****New****** The fuel consumption is dropped to x2
*****New****** Tire wear has been ajusted to x8

Division 1

Division 2 and 3

Division 4 and Academy

(unless otherwise instructed, see race details)